Display Tuner


Calibrate your monitor without touching any buttons on the screen


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You don't need to use the physical monitor buttons to change the properties of your screen. If you have a video card that allows you to calibrate your monitor using other software, then you can use Display Tuner, a Windows tool that allows you to adjust some screen properties directly from your operating system.

Brilliance, contrast, and saturation are the three basic properties that you can adjust from within the program. You can also modify geometry, which affects both the position and size of the screen. Drag the bars around until you've landed on your desired dimensions.

There's more - with Display Tuner, you can raise and lower your speaker volume and adjust integrated microphone sensitivity. The application even includes a profile manager so that you can save certain configurations for fast access.

Display Tuner is compatible with almost any computer hardware, and runs on Windows 2000, Windows XP, Windows 2003, and Windows Vista operating systems.
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